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Class information below is updated to reflect current class topics and teachers. 

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class: Mike Webber leading a study in Timothy

Sunday Morning Kids Bible Class: classes for kids of all ages


Sunday Worship Sermon: Brent Flanders is preaching on a series called "Summer in the Psalms"


Wednesday Evening Bible Class

Adult Bible Class: Brent Flanders is leading a class through a study over the Old Testament

Kids Bible Class: single class for all ages during the summer months.

Small Group Studies

We believe being involved in a small group bible  study is a great way to be engaged in God's Word as well as being engaged in other peoples lives.  We encourage you to "plug in" and find a small group study that could benefit you.

Below are current small group studies that you can join:

Sunday Evening: ---


Monday Evening: Women's bible study


We have a workshop coming soon!

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