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Second Corinthians Personal Study Guide is the core resource of January Bible Study. Order one for each participant.

What is the ministry of the church? Of a church leader? Of a church member? What does it take to minister effectively for Christ? What are the right motivations for doing ministry? How do you deal with critics in ministry?

These are pressing questions for the church today. They were no less pressing in first-century Corinth. Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians could accurately be termed a handbook on church ministry. The apostle wrote the letter in response to specific problems that had developed in the congregation—problems that manifested themselves in attacks on his authority, motives, and methods as a minister. Paul's defense of his ministry in 2 Corinthians gives believers today insight into the nature and practice of Christian ministry. 

This 2016 January Bible Study examines key topics such as the nature of ministry, the power for ministry, and the motivation for ministry. Adults will be reminded that ministry is the power of God working through them to accomplish His purposes. Adults will also realize that the foundation and focus of ministry is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

6 sessions

Dr. Ken Hemphill, author of the Personal Study Guide, is director of the church planting and revitalization center of North Greenville University and is the former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds degrees from Wake Forest University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Cambridge University.

Gerald Stevens, author of the expository notes, is professor of New Testament and Greek at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi (BS) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (ThD).

Kima Jude, author of the teaching plans, is a pastor's wife. She and her husband helped plant New Day Church (SBC) in the Dayton, Ohio area after more than 25 years serving established churches in Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Alabama, and Ohio. She has a BA in journalism from Marshall University.

Second Corinthians - The Church's Ministry Handbook

  • Language English
    Medium Format eBook
    Product Group Bible Study
    Type Study Guide
    Publication Date 2015-05-01
    Publisher LifeWay Christian Resources
    ISBN10 1430045620
    ISBN13 9781430045625
  • Please Contact Michael Zimmerman to check out this book from the churches internal library.

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