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Explore the Bible: Psalms Bible Study Book is a six-session study that will help you and your group members understand inspiring, instructive truths about who God is and His love for us. 

No matter where we are in the Christian life—whether up or down, soaring or struggling—there is a psalm that speaks directly to the spiritual state of our hearts. The Book of Psalms is the longest and most profoundly beautiful collection of prayers, songs, poems, and monologues in the Bible. Its primary purpose is found in its intensely God-centered focus to direct our hearts toward Him in every experience of life. 

This study explores six key psalms. Psalm 1, a wisdom psalm, teaches us to embrace godly wisdom because obeying God’s Word is the path of true life. The familiar Psalm 23, a song of thanksgiving, proclaims that God is always good and trustworthy. Psalm 42, a lament, ultimately lifts us up with the announcement that God’s abiding hope is present even during the most discouraging times. Psalm 51 is penitential, meaning that our sin problem is defined and answered only through realization, confession, and repentance. Security in God’s presence is the topic of the session on Psalm 84, which proclaims God’s royalty. And session six portrays the sovereignty of God the Creator, proclaimed in Psalm 95. 

Session Titles: 
1. “The Path”—Psalm 1:1-6 
2. “The Shepherd”—Psalm 23:1-6 
3. “The Longing”—Psalm 42:1-11 
4. “The Confession”—Psalm 51:1-17 
5. “His Presence”—Psalm 84:1-12 
6. “The Creator”—Psalm 95:1-11 

• Biblically rooted, gospel-centered content 
• Verse-by-verse approach to Bible study 
• Leader material (tips for leading a group and suggestions for guiding six group sessions) 
• Text-driven, streamlined experience with God’s Word 

• See that obedience to the Word of the Lord our God is wise. 
• Learn that God can be trusted because He is always good. 
• Find peace in knowing that God’s presence is a source of security, giving us hope during discouraging times. 
• Remember that God is sovereign and should be worshiped above all else.

Psalms - Inspiring Truths

  • Height 0.21
    Length 9.50
    Width 7.50
    Language English
    Medium Format Paperback
    Pages 80
    Product Group Bible Study
    Type Study Guide
    Publication Date 2017-03-01
    Publisher LifeWay Christian Resources
    ISBN10 1430063777
    ISBN13 9781430063773
    Contributors Robert Smith (Editor)|LifeWay Adults (Author)
  • Please Contact Michael Zimmerman to check out this book from the churches internal library.

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