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Explore the Bible: 1 Samuel Bible Study is a six-session study that will equip you and your group members to apply lessons of faith from the life of Samuel to their Christian lives today. 

Beheadings! Greedy, immoral priests! Witchcraft! Murder and intrigue at the highest levels of government! Can you believe these stories are a part of Scripture? They’re here, and sadly, they represent real life in the time of Samuel. Everyone did whateverthey wanted—long before that became a modern slogan. Yet God was there too. In one of the darkest periods of Israel’s history, God was working to bring about humanity’s salvation. He quietly gave a desperate, praying, childless woman a son named Samuel, who grew up to become one of the greatest prophets, prayer warriors, and kingmakers in Israel. God then used Samuel to call out a shepherd boy, David, to become Israel’s most beloved king. In all of this, God was pointing to thetime He would send His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior and King. 

• Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content 
• Leader material (tips for leading a group and suggestions for guiding six group sessions) 
• Text-driven, streamlined experience with God’s Word 

• Contains historical background that provides a greater context for spiritual growth 
• Presents reliable, biblical truth 
• Increases leader’s confidence and preparation 
• Offers biblical insight for the Christian life today 
• Includes provocative questions, scriptural support and text, application, and preparation

1 Samuel

  • Product Group Bible Study
    Type Study Guide
    Publication Date 2016-03-01
    Publisher LifeWay Christian Resources
    ISBN10 1430043172
    ISBN13 9781430043171
    UPC 634337523200
    Contributors LifeWay Adults (Author)
  • Please Contact Michael Zimmerman to check out this book from the churches internal library.

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