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Explore the Bible: 1–2 Peter Bible Study Book is a six-session study that will equip you and your group members to live in the difficult circumstances of a sinful world. 

For many of us, living in America today is like living in a strange land. We feel like aliens who have awakened in a hostile environment toxic to our faith. We need a sure word to help us understand how to survive—more than that, how to thrive—in the challenging circumstances confronting us. 

The problems seem overwhelming—racism, terrorism, family breakdowns, abortion, same-sex marriage, pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, modern-day slavery, illegal immigration, and on and on and on. It seems as if things are spinning out of control. It’s easy to think we are facing a dire situation Christians have never before encountered. 

But our world is not that different from the world of the very first Christians. They faced many of the same issues we are dealing with today. In some ways, they had it worse than we do because they were a much smaller, marginalized movement just getting started. And yet they found strength to endure and the insight they needed to thrive from various resources—including letters from their leader. 

Peter explained how displaced and disaffected Christians could handle the pressure and persecution present in the latter part of the first century. And we can embrace the opportunity to learn how to thrive in our modern world by learning from Peter and applying his spiritual wisdom to our lives. 

• Verse-by-verse approach to the content 
• Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content 
• Leader material (tips for leading a group and suggestions for guiding six group sessions) 
• Text-driven, streamlined experience with God’s Word 

• Contains historical background that provides a greater context for spiritual growth 
• Presents reliable, biblical truth 
• Increases leader’s confidence and preparation 
• Offers biblical insight for the Christian life today 
• Includes provocative questions, scriptural support and text, application, and preparation

1-2 Peter

  • Binding Paperback
    Height 0.21
    Length 9.50
    Width 7.50
    Language English
    Medium Format Paperback
    Pages 80
    Product Group Bible Study
    Type Study Guide
    Publication Date 2016-06-01
    Publisher LifeWay Christian Resources
    ISBN10 143006191X
    ISBN13 9781430061915
    Contributors LifeWay Adults (Author)
  • Please Contact Michael Zimmerman to check out this book from the churches internal library.

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